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GS303 Hot Melt Glue Powder


Product features:
1,add more water, good viscosity, can adapt to all kinds of automatic heating equipment.
2, easy to use manual production, the drying time is long, non-defrmation, non- stale, no bubbles.
3, easy to clean, environmental protection.

Method of Use:
the product directly into the glue tank with cold water by 1:3 with 1 hour ,after the glue being will swell then to set the heating temperature is 70-80 degrees, heating dissolved into water for use, when stop using hot water will be cleaned of gluing roller.

Main Parameter:

Color Status Solid Content Viscosity Speed Softening Temperature Packing Storage Temperature Storage Life
Light Yellow granule and powder 99±1% 12mpa.s, 60℃ 10-20 Case/min 50℃ 25kg /cartons 5-28℃ 6 Months
GS303 Hot Melt Glue Powder

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