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GB315 Bone Glue


Bone glue is a kind of low purity of gelatin protein, the film is very strong, after the formation of elastic, but not water proof, make the film when exposed to water swelling and loss of bond strength, corrosion resistance is poor, in high temperature, high humidity when might also change.

Product features:
1,Water less, quick drying, good shape, high bonding strength, good performance, and the price cheap, easy to use, is the most used in animal binding materials
2,Bone glue is holy bone as raw material, after crushing, oil extraction, scrub much process after processing, such as the regulation of the pressure and temperature of extraction glue protein, product is golden yellow, translucent, microstrip gloss, water absorption, hard an amorphous particles.
3, Used in printing and packaging, textile, papermaking, emery cloth, sandpaper, plywood, match, ink, metal polishing industry production.
4,Should be stored in ventilated dry warehouse.

Main Parameter:

ColorStatusSolid ContentViscosityP.HPackingStorage TemperatureStorage Life
Light Yellowgranule and powder99±1%5 mpa.s5.5-725kg /cartons5-28℃6 Months
GB315 Bone Glue
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