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Application of Kraft Paper Tape

Author:华迈包装 Click: Time:2019-07-08 13:37:18

Tape our daily life of a good helper, generally speaking, our common tape with transparent tape, but in some industrial packaging is mostly Kraft paper tape and board factory leather tape.We're all familiar with tape. There are many kinds of Kraft paper tape, such as white Kraft paper tape, Kraft paper tape and buffalo free paper tape and so on.Kraft paper tape, buffalo tape free product introduction: buffalo tape: suitable for paper products, molds, clothing and sealing. Wet buffalo Kraft paper: suitable for paper products, carton modification and packing and sealing boxes, divided into wired and wireless, can be printed. Material: Kraft paper, fiber line. White Kraft paper adhesive tape is made of wet buffalo paper tape and coated with hot melt (or rubber) pressure sensitive adhesive. White tape should be used for white packing boxes. With a sense of cleanliness, suitable for food and cosmetics packaging. There are three kinds of Kraft paper tape, which can be divided into box sealing class, wheat head class and label class. Sealing type: wet Kraft paper tape is more commonly used to seal boxes, because the cost of wet Kraft paper tape is low, sealing protection, sealing effect is good, so now many export products need to use wet Kraft paper tape to seal boxes. Ensure the safety of the goods. There are many sellers such as Taobao store in order to make the packaging more unique and beautiful, often use printed Kraft paper tape sealing boxes, so that the packaging of goods appear to be more professional.Wet Kraft paper is a good sealing tape (Kraft paper tape), if you bring printed text (printing tape), the effect will be better.

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