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Application of pressure sensitive adhesive

Author:华迈包装 Click: Time:2019-07-08 13:41:51

Pressure-sensitive adhesive has a wide range of applications, with the development of social economy and life, the application space is still increasing. 

The main applications are in the following areas: 

One: sealing cartons. Such as all kinds of sealing tape. 

Two: office and family use. Such as shopping malls, supermarkets sell a variety of colors into small rolls of cellophane, transparent tape. 

Three: production, commercial all kinds of bottle mouth, can mouth sealing tape, tape. 

Four: including grain, cereal and food, medicine and other kinds of bag mouth sealing tape, tape. 

Five: all kinds of metal processing devices, plastic panels, decorative board surface protection film, such as home decoration common plastic steel windows, steel doors, aluminum plastic plate and so on. 

Six: used in electrical products, such as the insulation of motor coils. 

Seven: all kinds of tape, such as the famous double-sided tape and so on. 

Eight: all kinds of adhesive labels have a wide range of uses, such as the most common supermarket store labels in life. 

Nine: the last is for medical use, such as surgical fixed rubber paste, hospital infusion paste, band-aid, medical tape, and so on, this kind of use is also quite extensive. 

The above examples are only the main uses of pressure-sensitive adhesive in production, life and so on. There are still many applications that have not been mentioned, so we do not go into detail one by one. People often come into contact with the above pressure-sensitive adhesive products in daily life and production. 

With the advent of new pressure-sensitive adhesive products, the national economy and life are more and more dependent on pressure-sensitive adhesive products.

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